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Recreation and Leisure on the Wassberg

Hiking on and around Wassberg

Whether it's a hike around the Greifensee or the view from the top of the Wassberg: resting benches as well as grill and picknick spots along the well marked hiking trails invite you to hike and enjoy with all your senses. We especially recommend the following routes:

  • Irchelpark-Zoo-Lorenkopf-Witikon-Wassberg-Guldene-Hochwacht-Lützelsee-Rapperswil (3,5 h; subsections also possible)
  • Forch-Küsnachter Tobel in Küsnacht on the shores of Zürichsee: hike under the leafy roof of the woods, passing water falls, castle ruins, erratic boulders and a dragon cave (height difference 261m; duration 2 h)
  • Hochwacht-Meilemer Tobel-Meilen on Zürichsee: through the holler of the Dorfbachtobel of Meilen with its stone bridges and clear waters, flowing over rocks and stones (1,5 h)
  • Greifensee-roundtrip with a view into the nature sanctuary, possibilities for bathing and stopping for a bite to eat (duration 4 h – may be shortened with a boat trip from Maur to Uster)
  • Steg-Sternenberg-Hörnli: Hörnli is a popular view point with a mountain inn, where push scooters and sleds may be rented (2,5 h)
  • Hasenstrick-Bachtel Kulm on 1‘108 m.ü.M. – a walk-in tower offering views on the Zürichsee, Pfäffikersee, and Greifensee all the way to Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau (30 min)
  • Hiking routes of ZVV

Let yourself be surprised by diverse natural sights and great views along our hiking trails. More trails, maps and weather forecasts may be found at

We will be glad to assist you with tips and ideas for hikes and excursions - just let us know at the reception desk!

Skating, Jogging, and Walking on and around Wassberg

On skids or wheels, rolling, running or rolling: Wassberg offers a diverse backdrop and many opportunities for recreation and fun:

Inline Skating around Greifensee:
A classic: This roundtrip route is easy and suitable for families as well (height difference 30 m, duration 2 h).

Jogging on and around Wassberg:
The woods around Wassberg are great for jogging, especially the Vitaparcours with a length of 2.8 km and an incline of 30 m.

Nordic Walking on and around Wassberg:
The right technique is the secret for a great training experience. If you wish we can arrange for an expert from Ryffel Running to assist you with tips and tricks.

Ice Rink Küsnacht:
With an ice hall, an open ice field and a 4-rink curling hall.

Biking on and around Wassberg

Wassberg is also great for biking. We recommend you to try the «Pfannenstiel-Tour»:
It starts in Zurich at Irchelpark and will bring you past the zoo to the Lorenchopf, Binz, Ebmatingen, and finally to the Wassberg. After a refresing break in our restaurant the route leads down to Toggwil, into the Erlenbacher Tobel and back to Zurich. More information about this tour may be round at We will be glad to assist as well - just ask us at the reception desk!

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