Art on Wassberg 2016

A fantastic place to unite man, nature and art!

We have set ourselves the goal of providing an attractive exhibition space for local artists and offering our guests an additional attraction. The 'Kunst Wassberg' sculpture exhibition will take place this year for the second time. 17 artists from all over Switzerland exhibit their works in stone, wood, metal, glass and wool during the summer.

The two curators André Becchio from Zumikon and Thomas Jörger from Erlenbach have the "cards" in their hands, who is allowed to exhibit at Wassberg and who is not. After all, the interested artists have to fulfill certain requirements if they want to exhibit at 'Art Wassberg'

Other events:

- July 2, 2017: Art & Ice Wassberg

- 7 - 19 September 2017: Food Zurich - Arts & Fine Veal Specialities

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The Wassberg


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