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The Fun of Wassberg

Wassberg is also a popular place to take a walk, to hike, bike, jog, or to go horseriding. You will find:

Find out more about the many possibilities for hiking, jogging, biking etc. here on our website.

18.century A monk leads devotional Meetings on the Wassberg
1837 The first inn is built
1980s The inn becomes a beer garden - the beer Barrel at the fountain is a reminder of the erstwhile plans, to let beer flow through the pipes and out of the fountain.
1994 Membership with "Hotels with a Bookmark"
1998 Publication of the book "Place of Power Switzerland", in which the geobiologist Blanche Merz writs about the measurement of 750.000 Bovis Units on the Wassberg
2003 Denise and Daniel Wälti take over as directors
2006 Renovation of the Hotel rooms. The Wassberg-Stories become literary attraction in the Hotel rooms, guest become the authors
2008 Redesign and enlargement of the meeting rooms and total renovation of the kitchen
2016 Kerstin Gornowski takes over as director
2016 first Wassberg sculptures exhibition
2016 Hotel Wassberg specializes in regional cuisine and classic dishes
2017 second Wassberg sculpture exhibition takes place.
2018 The Wassberg vegetable and herb garden is created

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The Wassberg


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